6 Specialty Melons You Have To Try

Summer is here and so are our selection of melons! It’s the perfect snack – quick & easy, and great for any occasion. Plus they're a great addition to smoothies, poolside snacks, salads, and other recipes.

But not all melons are the same. Different flavors can make it difficult to select the one best for you, so we're here to help! Check out below for variety descriptions and some snack ideas from us to you!

Similar to Cantaloupe
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Crenshaw's flavor is similar to a cantaloupe but milder and sweeter. When ripe, this melon will have a slightly waxy outside with a yellow green coloring and peach colored flesh. For a great snack, pair with prosciutto and balsamic glaze.
Orange Flesh
While this looks like a cantaloupe, it's sweeter than a honeydew melon – you get the best of both worlds. For the perfect addition to your morning routine, mix in with your breakfast yogurt!
Other Varieties
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Canary melons have a tangy and tropical flavor. This melon has a softer juicier texture and is bright yellow when ripe. Sprinkle with a bit of salt or drizzle with a sweet chili sauce.
Casaba melons are perfect served with mild cheeses. You'll find they have a pale green flesh with mild sweet flavor and hints of pear. When ripe, the Casaba skin will be thick and tough with a bright yellow color and green highlights.
This melon has a tropical flavor with hints of banana. The stronger the smell of this melon, the sweeter it will be, so pick ones that have a more orange-yellow skin with a strong fragrance. It’s a great as an addition to tropical fruit salads.
Santa Claus
This melon is ALWAYS juicy and sweet, so it's great for fruit salads! Look for green and yellow highlights when fully ripe, and you will have the sweetest flavor. For an unexpected treat, try mixing it with mint!