Back-2-School Breakfasts

Fact: Breakfast is STILL the most important meal of the day. But it doesn’t need to be complicated! With summer camps winding down and school starting back up, you’ll need to refresh the morning routine. We’ve made it simple, easy and something you AND your kids will love. Check out our breakfast suggestions for each day of the week.

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Cereal 2.0: Granola & Yogurt
It’s a new day, a new week,’s still Monday. So be kind to yourself. Kids don’t need a full-course spread! Just grab Essential Everyday Yogurt, pair with your favorite granola (we like Wild Harvest) and top with fresh fruit!
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The OG: Pancakes
Now, we know what you’re thinking: "PANCAKES?!" Hear us out. You might wake up on Tuesday ready to take over the world! So, what do you do? Make the “just add water” pancakes, and you'll feel like Ina Garten. Splash on some syrup and top with blueberries.
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BPB&J: Bagel Sandwich
Halfway to Friday! This is around the time you'll likely decide, “It’s almost Friday,” and take things easy from here on out. A bagel, peanut butter (or substitute almond butter) and jelly make the best morning on-the-go breakfast!
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Easy as Pie: Deli Quiche
You’ve slept 20 minutes past snooze. Now what?? Pop in our pre-baked quiche from the deli, and you have a nutritious breakfast! Pair with fruit and a tall glass of orange juice, milk, and/or coffee (for yourself, of course)!
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Weekend Warrior: Coffee & Muffins
You made it through the week, and it’s finally Friday! Don’t prepare a single thing. Instead, start the weekend early with options from our Bakehouse, including muffins, donuts, and more! These pair perfectly with milk, orange juice, and coffee!