Heating & Serving Instructions

For maximum quality and freshness, our foods are prepared fresh to order. Please order a minimum of 48-hours in advance to ensure availability. General Buying & Serving Guidelines Serving sizes are approximate and should be adjusted to meet the specific needs of your family and guests.


Appetizers served before a meal 2 to 3 appetizers per person, per hour.
Appetizers served as a meal 5 to 6 appetizers per person, per hour.
Chilled salads 4 oz. per person.
Hot side dishes 3 to 4 oz. per person depending on the number of side dishes served.
Pasta as an entree 8-12 oz. per person depending if served with salads or side dishes.
Pasta as a side dish 4 oz. per person depending on the number of side dishes served.
Lunch entree portion 6-8 oz. per person.
Dinner entree portion 6-12 oz. per person.
Sweets & desserts 4 oz. per person.
Rolls & bread 1.5 to 2 per person.


Heating Information

Heating is required for all heat-and-serve items and instructions will be included with your order. For maximum quality, the recommended method of heating, for most items, is a conventional oven and heating times are usually within one hour. Most heat-and-serve items are conveniently packaged in oven-safe containers ready to be placed in the oven. Requests for items to be picked up or delivered heated are handled on an individual store basis, depending on the size of the order and the capability of the store to properly heat and hold the product prior to pick-up at safe holding temperatures.


Proper Food Handling & Safety Guidelines

Our foods are prepared fresh with the utmost concern for proper food handling, sanitation and food safety. Every item is prepared and properly refrigerated prior to pickup or delivery. After pickup or delivery, for your safety, please keep foods refrigerated at or below 40ºF, and hot foods, after heating, at 140ºF or higher. After foods have been served, leftovers should be covered and immediately refrigerated at 40ºF or below. Foods served on a buffet table, or that have not been maintained at the proper temperatures listed above, should be consumed within four hours or discarded.